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Engagement Photoshoot - Do I really need one?!

Yes! Ideally if you can fit one in I really recommend you do it. But not just with any photographer, with the photographer you are going to book for your wedding and that bit is really important.

What isn't important are the pictures, strange I know! Obviously if you have chosen the right photographer then these will just be a very happy and lovely by product of the process that will provide you with wonderful memories of a loved up time before you were married. The most important part of an engagement shoot is the relationship between you and your photographer.

Firstly, that photographer is going to be with you, in close proximity, all day, on one of the most emotional, intimate and in some cases stressful days of your life! It really does help if you have spent some time in their company and feel comfortable with them.

There is usually at least one half of a couple that doesn't enjoy having their picture taken - whether its because they are self conscious about their own appearance or just feel awkward in front of the camera and this is the most important reason for an engagement or pre wedding shoot. I know it seems ironic putting someone who doesn't like having their picture taken in front of a camera even more but trust me!! If you have chosen the right photographer it will alleviate so many fears and worries. The majority of couples that come to me for their pre wedding shoots turn up with one person looking like they would rather be at the dentist! By the time they leave they are laughing and literally throwing themselves in front of the camera! This in turns mean that when your photographer turns up on your wedding day there are definately no dentist chair nerves to add on to the already tummy full of wedding nerves - it means you are relaxed and confident and this will show in the pictures.

But I don't know where to go or what to wear?! This is seriously the second most common reason for not having a pre wedding shoot. The instagram mentality of the pressure to make everything look perfect puts on pressure we don't even realise is there, but this is why you have a photographer! If you really have no clue let them guide you - but make sure its a guide not a decision made for you as you still need a bit of you to shine through. If you hate the outdoors and countryside you should not be going to a muddy woods! If you spend all your time outside walking the dog you shouldn't be putting on your lad rags and going into a hustling and bustling city centre - let the location reflect you both and the location will determine your outfits, simple!

Just occasionally though I get to run a bit wild with people that just want to be different and want to but on full formal attire and get really dramatic images. The fun thing about this kind of shoot is you can do whatever you want and be as extravagant as you want - some people even make a romantic weekend of it and stay in a local hotel.

However, the majority of the pre wedding shoots are a little more simple, how about a date night walk around your local city if you are town loving people?

Or just throw on a pair of jeans and go for a walk in your favourite place with the dog?!

There is no right or wrong answer, just do what suits you and let the photographer make the magic that makes wonderful images no matter where you are or what you are wearing!


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