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I am a great believer that there is no such thing as a stupid question. Just ones you don't know the answer to yet! So please feel free to ask as many as you need to. These are just a few I get asked by most couples so I thought it might save you some time!

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What is Full Day Coverage?

As long as I need to tell the story of your day. Generally from around 2 to 3 ish hours before your ceremony until a few songs after your first dance works well. If there is something exciting happening you don't want missed its no problem at all, just make sure I know in advance - I don't need to be there at 5am if that's when your hairdresser is starting though!!

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We don't like having our pictures taken, should we book a pre wedding shoot?

If you are someone that hides from the camera at every opportunity it is even more reason to have your pre wedding shoot. Its a great chance for me to see any bad camera habits (yes I mean you blinkers and head tilters!) but it also shows you what you will be asked to do on your big day. I work really differently to a lot of photographers, its super quick and usually involves just a walk, a chat and occasionally stopping to take a quick snap. There is no spending hours awkwardly posing for me - many people who were very nervous even go as far as to say they enjoyed it! Obviously I am not actually going to force you, but please trust me - even if you never actually look at the pictures, just come along for a chat. Doesn't have to be fancy, just pop on a pair of jeans and we will go for a walk somewhere.

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How much do you charge for travel?

Travel is included for most weddings within England and Wales. If it requires an overnight stay due to timings  or flights/ferry crossings etc then I will pass on the expenses at cost, but this will all be discussed and agreed beforehand - there are no nasty surprises here!

For pre wedding shoots I do charge travel if you want me to travel more than one hour from home, but I am based in a beautiful part of the Cotswolds so why not come and make a lovely weekend of it and have your shoot whilst being a tourist!

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Do you travel abroad?

Yes! I am more than happy to travel and will put together a special bespoke package for you, I often work out cheaper than hiring a photographer from the country you are getting married in and you get the bonus of meeting me before and still having your pre wedding shoot.

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How long will it take to get our images?

You get a sneak preview onto my social media within 24 hours if you want one! Meaning you have a good handful to show the story of your day to friends and family almost straight away! If you don't want any social media coverage then I state 6 to 8 weeks in my contract just to cover me for crazy times, but usually it is quicker than that. All images are delivered through a password protected online gallery with unlimited download facility so whoever you choose to give the login details to will be able to download a full set of digital images at no extra cost.

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What if you are not available?

I have been slowly expanding the business 

and now have a small, select team of trusted photographers working under the Cat Stephens Photography brand. When you enquire about a date you will be told if I am available for your date or which team members are available. All team members work under my guidance and are provided with will instructions for your wedding  I still do all the preparation, communication, pre wedding shoot, and then I edit the images in my signature style so your images will be the same finish and quality. 

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How do I book?

Firstly pop me an enquiry using my contact form to check my availability, I will let you know pretty quickly if I am and offer you a telephone or zoom consultation. Just let me know when you are happy to proceed and I send you over a simple booking form to collect all your details to generate your contract. You will get an email with your contract which is signed remotely online and your invoice. Once your signed contract is received and your booking fee is paid you are all booked in and you can go ahead and book your pre wedding shoot!

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Are there any hidden extras to pay?

With everything I do I try to be really up front so I don't hide anything - all charges are agreed before your contract is generated and its all visible for you to read before you sign or pay your booking fee. You can see my standard package prices on the website and a few extras you can add on if you wish. The only things not listed on there that you may need to be aware of is hotel fees and food. I don't charge travel fees but if your wedding is more than an hour or two away I may stay the night before or the night after in a cheap air bnb or similar just to ensure I actually make it home to edit those images for you! This would obviously be discussed before you book. The only other thing is food and if you are booking me for a full days coverage I do ask for a meal to be provided for myself and any other shooters whilst you have your meal. We work much better with full tummies and no one wants their photographer keeling over with food poisoning from sweaty tuna sandwiches! (I joke, this has actually happened!!)

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Do you do formal photos too?

Yes! I am one of the few photographers that still thinks they have a place.  Who doesn't want to see your lovely Granny's little face light up when she is invited forward to have a picture with you?! 

BUT and its a big but! Be sensible about it, take time to think about those formal pictures you really need. Generally it can be done in 6 shots - 2 x sets of parents, 2 x sets of grandparents and 2 x sets of siblings or extended family. There may need to be a few variations due to modern family arrangements but I have a super speedy way of doing them that will mean no poor members of your wedding party are sent to find Aunt Ethel that they have never met and no one is stood round waiting for ages. You get a questionnaire to complete a few weeks before your wedding so I have every ones names you want pictures with and abracadabra I do the rest!

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