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The Team

I am lucky enough to have an amazing team working with me that will not only second shoot for me but also cover weddings when I am not available. This will always be made clear and be your choice upon booking. I will still do all your communication, oversee your entire journey, complete your pre wedding shoot and edit all your images, but one of this lovely lot will click the button on the day! They all work under my guidance and have been taught how I work so the results will still be "Cat Stephens Photography" style.



 Who am I? I’m Ruby, I recently moved to the outskirts of Bristol for a quieter life with my boyfriend, our baby boy and my two cats… the cats now love my boyfriend more than me. When I’m not photographing weddings I’m taking every opportunity I can to drink iced lattes, eat out with my favourite humans and making every attempt to grow pretty things in my garden. I’m a proud indoor plant mum too.


My favourite kind of wedding: I love weddings that feel really heartfelt, where everyone loves a good hug and the cocktails are flowing so everyone hugs even more! I love personalised ceremonies held outdoors with loads of flowers. I love weddings where the couple have said no to traditions and are doing things their way; completely true to them.


Who am I? I’m originally from Derbyshire and now living by the seaside in Brighton - which I LOVE. Since living here, I have taken to swimming in the sea all year round - yep, I’m one of those crazy people! But I also enjoy a long walk on dry land with my boyfriend and our little pup, Indie (who is a truly spoilt little prince). If I’m not photographing weddings, you will most likely find me at a gig or a festival. I love music and I am a real Indie girl at heart. Which is why this year I am attempting to learn electric guitar – wish me luck!! Who knows…maybe one day I will become a multitalented wedding photographer AND wedding band performer!


My favourite type of wedding? I love weddings that are all about having fun and not taking things too seriously! You’ll likely experience me wiping a happy tear away during the ceremony and laughing along to the speeches. My goal is to capture all your love, laughter, and JOY!


RS1_8399 bw.jpg


 Who am I? I'm Timea, wife to my soulmate Andrew, mum to two wonderful boys and professional multi-tasker based in Bristol. I love to live life at 100 miles an hour. I never stop and I ALWAYS have a plan! Growing up, I was the one with the weird name, the quirky choice of outfits and the sarcastic sense of humour. I love to listen to peoples stories, to experience different cultures and spend quality time with those close to my heart.
English is my third language and I have a pretty unique accent - always a great conversation starter on a wedding day.


My favourite kind of wedding: For me, the perfect wedding has nothing to do with a fancy venue, a designer dress or a unique flower arrangement. It's all about THE PEOPLE. The connection between them. The love! I always look for those honest moments filled with emotions. 



Who are you? - I am Pedge - unique by name, unique by nature. I like to think of myself as a cultured person and I pride myself on being relaxed and open minded. Married with two young children (My wife would probably tell you she has three children). I  do wedding photography out of passion, enjoyment and a pursuit of fulfilment. It really is a 'job' I love and take great pride in my work.


Favourite type of wedding? - All of them. As long as they are full of happy people creating happy memories. Each wedding is unique and it is my aim to make sure we capture the best parts of your day, however that looks! 

2022 Jan - Pedge & family-9.jpg


Who are you? - I live with my husband of ten years and our toddler tornado on the edge of the Cotswolds, where we often go for long walks - I feel so lucky to be able to live here! Things I love: dogs, period drama, coffee, and cosy nights in with a good book. Things I don't love: cucumbers, sprouts, and... most green vegetables, to be honest. My drink of choice is an espresso martini (I don't really drink otherwise), but I've got to watch it otherwise I end up breaking out my truly terrible dance moves after a few!


Favourite type of wedding? - I love anything with a connection to nature and the outdoors, but I'm also a fan of stately homes and country house settings. Regardless of the type of wedding, though, I think the best photo opportunities arise when the couple have time in the day's schedule to relax a bit and spend time with their guests, with lots of laughs and warm moments for me to capture!

Harriett & Chris


Who are we? - We're Harriett & Chris, a husband and wife photography team based out of our tiny home on wheels ‘Bertie’ - that’s right we live in a campervan and it's a dream! 

We live on the road with our cat Maisie and can be found anywhere between the beach and the mountains.
We’ve been photographing weddings together since 2018 and have been known to stay after the cameras are put away for a drink with you and a boogie with your guests! 

We’re like having two extra friends at your wedding who just happen to be taking beautiful photos of you.


Our favourite type of wedding - Our favourite type of wedding are the ones that are just filled with your personality. We love seeing our couples personalities come to life throughout the whole day, whether it's through the decorations, the music choice, the food, the ceremony, just everything about you and your love summed up in one perfect, love-filled day. 

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 Who am I? - Hi! I am Emily, an adventurous, authentic wedding photographer based in the Cotswolds. I’m the kinda girl who’d choose Grohl over Gaga, pizza over pilates and scuba-diving over sunbathing. I’m at my happiest sitting in a sunny field with a cold beer and a live band. And I will definitely dance at your wedding! I love capturing those precious little unplanned moments in a documentary storytelling way.


My favourite kind of wedding: I love fun, chilled couples that just want to have the best day of their lives. Festival and Tipi weddings have to be up there with some of my favourite summer sunsets and relaxed vibes. But you can't go wrong with a rustic barn or even the urban streets of a city wedding!



Who am I? - I absolutely love the sea but live the furthest from any seaside in the centre of England in Bedford! My older son works and lives in Cambridge with his girlfriend and I live with my grown up daughter Angel. We have two cats and now have two rabbits (lockdown impulse!). I am a huge animal lover and would open an animal sanctuary if I could. 

With a background as an Artist and Graphic Designer, Photography has become a real passion of mine for the past 11+ years. When I’m not hiding behind a camera you’ll find me in a cafe enjoying a soya Cappuccino and a vegan cake :)


My favourite kind of Wedding - I love ALL Weddings big or small, fun and relaxed with laid back couples. I am like your wing woman pinning on button holes and doing up dresses. I want you to have beautiful, thoughtful and authentically you photographs that tell the story of your day as it happens.

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