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Wedding Planning - The Devil is in the Detail

I recently did a poll on my social media about what you would prefer to see in a blog. A lot of suppliers do blogs on various subjects and to be honest its something I have always meant to do but never got round to! So when I reached out to find out what you would like to hear about I was quite shocked to find out you would prefer to see hints, tips and details rather than real wedding stories (well the split was 62%/38% so I will still do the occasional real wedding too!)

So firstly, lets talk about general details. I LOVE photographing details, strangely its one of my favourite parts of the job. Capturing all those little things you spent hours choosing or making that would otherwise be forgotten very quickly always feels pretty special. It's all those little things, the little touches that most people wouldn't notice but actually make your whole day unique and personal to you.


The first details I always capture are yours! The outfits, the shoes, the jewellery - the list is endless! But as well as all those, I look for the things that are unique to you, perhaps a picture of a lost loved one, a special perfume, a family piece of jewellery - even a pair of shoes you have customised yourself for your star wars themed wedding!


As well as amazing outfits you have spent hours deliberating over for those you have chosen to be by your side, there are often gifts, jokes, cards and letters that make the connections so much special and definitely deserve being captured as part of your story.


The little touches you choose around your wedding venue really do help to tell the story of the feel of your day. From flowers and decor to favours on the tables, even if you haven't got a specific theme you can so easily get the mood of the day through images by these - whether its the string quartet providing a formal garden party feeling or the signs made from old pallets creating a more relaxed, festival vibe for your day, don't underestimate how much these things can set the mood and bring a bit of you to your venue.


Whether you have chosen formal canapes and cocktails or crates of beer and street food - sweet tables or donuts, traditional cakes or stacks of cheese I love to capture those close ups that when you stumble across them looking back at your pictures you can literally taste and smell those amazing choices!

How many times have you been to a wedding and not noticed many if any of the above? Yet the more of those touches there are, often the more intimate and special that day felt. So whilst you friends and family are laughing for that spare room full of those favours your Auntie made for the table or the butterflies you have bought to go on every glass remember I for one will definitely appreciate them - and even if your guests don't remember every little touch they are certainly important to the overall feel of the day.

As always, you do you!


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