Mel & Joe - Caswell House

March 24, 2018


My journey with Mel and Joe started with a conversation that went something along the lines of, we don't really want many pictures taken, just the ceremony and a couple of family pictures straight after! 


After a little persuasion, we extended that slightly and agreed to meet at the beautiful Witney Lake where they often spend family time walking their dog. I don't often start my blogs with the engagement shoot - but I loved these so much and by the end of the session they were so much more positive about their wedding pictures, it really was proof of how important a pre wedding session is! Without this, we would never have got the pictures we managed on the day.



Caswell House is one of my favourite venues, and somewhere I used to second shoot when I was training many years ago, so I had many fond memories. I hadn't been for many years and it didn't disappoint. Still the great amazing attention to detail and little touches that make the day so relaxed and easy - especially from a photographers point of view! Big dressing rooms, HUGE mirrors, no fighting for space here. Always somewhere pretty to hang a dress and great light from windows for getting ready shots - what more can a photographer want? Good weather! That's what! The forecast for Mel and Joe's special day wasn't great but I arrived to realise that hadn't dampened spirits at all, and Mel had her normal what will be attitude to the day, which is the best way to stay relaxed. Bridal preparations were in full swing, with Carla Thompson a local hairdresser hard at work - everyone did their own make up.

 One of the other huge benefits to Caswell House is the ability to have getting ready areas for both Bride and Groom within easy proximity to be able to capture both sides of the story. So once I had seen the girls, I went to see the boys! 



 Mel and Joe's theme to the day was very simple, but very on trend with the 2018 colour of the year ultraviolet providing the accent colours through all their special touches. The beautiful flowers were done by Classic Flowers in Witney, and they were very lucky to have a beautiful cake gifted to them by a family member. Other touches were lovingly homemade, with special note to a unique table plan made up of horseshoes from Mel's horses farrier! Favours were Combat Stress charity bands in Blue for Mel's RAF career and Green to represent Joe being in the Army.