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Evening Weddings - You can still have epic images, even in the dark!

With the crazy year that is 2020 many couples aren't having the luxury of choosing their wedding times. With postponements and waiting lists for registrars at an all time high couples are being offered slots on a first come first served basis and depending on your circumstances many people just want to hurry up and get married no matter how small the ceremony or how convenient the timings.

This, however, does not mean you have to skimp on your photographs! Since you have to go into the registry office together now many couples are choosing to have some pictures before the ceremony - this provides a great opportunity to still capture some relaxed documentary style images on the way to the ceremony.

Having some images before the ceremony also means you can still have some pictures with close friends and family (obviously adhering to local guidelines for numbers and bubbles).

Registry offices can be particularly tricky at the best of times, and all couples should be made aware by their photographer that we are totally at the hands of the registrars once we are in the ceremony. Some will allow artificial light, some won't - some will allow flash, others will only allow a static light source. The results that can be obtained will be directly affected by this - you can not go into a dark registry office with no natural light, not be allowed to use flash and et the same results as you an in a big beautiful barn on a summers day with floods of natural light coming in (that poses its own issues!!). Please make sure your photographer is experienced enough to be comfortable with the limitations, happy to explain and manage your expectations and carries the correct kit to deal with all these situations.

Once you come out of an evening ceremony, especially in winter it will be dark! But that doesn't mean the pictures have to stop. Yes some creative light is needed - again, make sure you invest in a photographer that has the correct equipment! But some amazing results can be achieved. For this wedding we used the iconic buildings of Oxford City to ensure this couple got some epic images to remember their micro wedding with, and I like to think that in years to come that showing future generations these images will be no less emotion evoking than a huge big Cotswolds wedding!


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