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So you have made it this far. The question has been popped, the yes has been said and now you are finding yourself on the journey of wedding planning - whether that be a small, intimate elopement, a large gathering of hundreds of friends and family or anything in between you all have something in common - you will want those memories captured forever, and hopefully that's where I come in!

So the purpose of this website isn't just to show you lots of pretty pictures, although naturally there are A LOT of those too! But almost as importantly its so you both learn a bit about me, the way I work and if you think I would be a good fit for your big day. Lets be honest, we can't love everyone in the world, and whoever you choose is going to be with you, in fairly close proximity on one of the most intimate, special and sometimes stressful days of your lives, its really important that you can trust me to fit into your day, fit in with your families and make your day even more special.

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