Where it all started.

I have worked in the wedding industry for many years in one guise or another and instantly

hit it off with a photographer called Jan at a wedding show in 2006, she needed an assistant to

help at weekends, I wanted something to keep me occupied from drinking and dancing my

weekends away (it was a long time ago!) and bobs your uncle the passion was discovered.

Starting at the very bottom, my original role was to carry bags and equipment, however it wasn't

very long before the wedding photography bug well and truly bit and I started asking questions

about cameras. Jan very kindly set up a spare camera for me so all I had to do was point and

shoot and I started running round thinking I was Annie Leibovitz! Luckily Jan saw some natural

talent and helped me hugely, teaching me the basics, encouraging my passion and letting me

second shoot for her until I felt confident enough to branch out on my own.

I gradually started with friends and family and worked on a purely word of mouth basis for many years, until I finally took the step to give up the "proper" job in 2015 and become a full time photographer. Since then has been a massive journey of growth, learning other genres of photography, training to work safely with newborns, working from home, continually investing in equipment and training to better myself until I finally reached my main goal in 2019 of opening my own studio - which you can see HERE!

Who am I?

Well, I'm Cat! I'm just a photography loving, old romantic who loves to see life through a lens and capture memories for people. I am also a Mum of 3, aged 14, 5 and 2 (so yes I have teenage strops and toddler tantrums all at the same time!) as well as being a military wife so life is pretty busy, and I wouldn't have it any other way! People often ask me how I juggle it all, and to be really honest I don't know - it just kind of happens. But it works for us as a family - having moved away from a very high pressured job where I was missing out on the children growing up I am forever thankful for every sports day or nativity I can attend without having to grovel to a boss and that certainly goes a long way to making up for the constant very late nights at a computer editing all those pictures! Oh and Gin - Gin always helps!

My Style

So apparently I have to engage my audience by telling them about my style, but blimey that's hard! I am sure you can see style for yourself and know whether or not it matches your style and the style of your family. 

What is most important is that you love my work as it is - I am not a light bright and airy photographer so please do not book me and then send a whole pinterest board of really light white images, its not what I do - it would be a bit like asking Picasso to paint a Monet - both amazing artists but each have their own style and photography is no different.


How I Work

I am equally happy in the studio as I am on location and will go wherever you prefer, however I am a great believer in children being children, so other than at certain times of the year like Christmas or a cake smash, I will always recommend your shoot be on location if your children are of walking age. 

I tend to work very quickly and with very little faff and try to have as much fun with the children as possible to capture those really natural smiles, but please do feel free to being along some favourite snacks/toys in case a little persuasion is needed.

Showing Off

I'm not very good at this bit! I have been really proud to have won multiple awards for both my service as a whole and also individual images through a few different photography society competitions - I like to throw some in occasionally to make sure I am still up to scratch! 

However, my proudest moments come from the lovely families I work with, seeing their reactions to their images and reading their reviews. so please do click here to see just some of my lovely real family reviews!

C A T  S T E P H E N S  P H O T O G R A P H Y